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ashes sent up in a rocket

Potential tax break in the USA to get your cremated ashes sent into space…

Yep it’s true! I saw this story flash up a few times and ignored it as a hoax, you do get some rather strange press releases come through. However this is for real. Under a Bill proposed by Del. Terry G. Kilgore, the commonwealth of Virginia would offer an income-tax break of up to $8,000 to anyone planning to have his ashes blasted into outer space.

Why?! Well it seems that there is a space race going on in a number of States namely: Florida, New Mexico, and California — all of which have their own spaceports and now the NASA has slashed the budgets they need to find extra income streams.

There is a catch (naturally), well two actually. You’ll need to rocket off from the spaceport on Wallops Island, Virginia, and it is a limited-time-only offer that is supposed to expire in 2020.

America – you can’t knock there commercial acumen, although I am not quite sure this is the most environmental friendly of options…

Whilst UK residents won’t be eligible for the tax break having your ashes (well actually is only part of your ashes I think) sent into space is an option and if this is something that appeals to you follow the link the Heavens Above (the UK agent). Alternatively if you did not want to go over to the States and you wanted all the ashes to reach the stratosphere in a less carbon intensive way try  these options.


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