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municipal memorialisation

The changing face of municipal memorialisation part II

municipal memorialisation

I wrote last week about a councillor in Scotland trying to get support for the use of a wall within a cemetery to put plaques for those who scatter their loved ones ashes and wish to have a place to memorialise.

This was in the news at a similar time and reinforces that notion that civil authorities are considering the changing face of memorialisation. The principle differences here are a) it is in Australia and b) it is for those who scatter at sea.

Holdfast Bay Council (a suburb of Adelaide Australia) is considering installing a granite memorial stone. They have set aside $25,000 ASD for the purpose.

The Council Mayor Dr Rollond told the Guardian Messenger. “People will be able to choose to have the names of their lost loved one engraved on the memorial for a small charge,”

“Our brief to the artist will be to create a memorial that provides somewhere for family and friends to remember someone who is now forever in the place they loved most.

“We don’t want it to be sombre piece that reminds people of cemeteries, it will be a tasteful artwork that reflects the love and affinity so many people feel for this place.”

He believes it will pay for itself in time. And the people of the good city – what do they think? Well at 6 think it is a good idea or cutting it another way 100% of all respondents thought it was a great idea.

It doesn’t sound like a money raiser, just a ‘nice thing to do for its citizens’.  And to be frank I am not so convinced, not that the intentions aren’t altruistic – they seem to be, just that the rationale for it and the use it would get. In a way I hope I am wrong.

‘So why are we here mum’

‘To remember your grandad’

‘Oh right, so is this where he was scattered?’

‘Err, no not really, he is out there in sea’

‘Oh ok, right? But here is where we remember him? Wouldn’t we be better off on a boat trip, sort of memorial trip?’

‘Errr, no I am fine just here’

A good deal of the mentality in scattering at sea is freedom, I suppose in nautical terms this stone could be seen as an anchor. Interesting.

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