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Mortuary mix up means more than just exhumation.


A very sad story from Hull, Christopher Addler died in police custody and was buried in 2000, after this his niece died and her wishes were to have her ashes scattered on her uncle’s grave. It turns out that the body buried is likely to be that of a lady named Grace Kamara. This all appears be the result of a mortuary mix up.

The body has been exhumed for testing and the intension after a positive ID it will be returned to the plot in which it has been resting for the past 11 years.

The brother of Christopher Alder was due to attend the exhumation at Northern Cemetery, Hull. He wished to oversee the delicate operation to remove the top turf containing Laura’s ashes, which will then be placed on Christopher’s new plot.

He said: “This is something that just has to be done.

“I want to be there to see the top turf removed, which will then be placed on Christopher’s grave. It will be difficult to watch.

“We promised before she died that we would scatter her ashes on her uncle’s grave.

“For ten years that promise has not been fulfilled. How much more difficult can anything be?”

After the tests have been carried out and, if they confirm the body is that of Grace, her family and friends would like her to be reburied back in the plot she has been in for the past 11 years. This is not a usual request, so the licence governing the exhumation is likely to need amending.

The process means the cemtary will need to be sectioned off for a whole night and the article said the removal of the soil from the grave will commence at midnight.

Poor family first to lose a brother is such circumstances, then to lose your daughter, to find that the brother has not been laid to rest and you scattered your daughter’s ashes over a stranger’s grave. As he said: How much more difficult can anything be?

Two questions: Why do they have to start the exhumation at midnight, why not half past eleven? It is not a Victorian melodrama for goodness sake, are they intending on having an organist in the background hammering Bach’s Toccata and Fugue! Secondly where did Grace Kamara’s friends and family think she was until now? Have they been trying to track her down? Surely the mortuary must have known where she should have been. It can’t be as it seems, with these clippings you don’t get whole story…


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