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child breavement

Memorialising premature and neonatal cremations

The Mortonhall and Shrophire tragedies have highlighted the extremely sensitive issue of ashes from premature or neonatal deaths.

The loss of a baby brings extreme grief to families. One additional issue is that with some very small babies the bones have not yet formed and as such there is no ashes left to collect.

The lack of a tangible reminder of the baby very often exacerbates the grief as there is nothing  physical of the child left to focus the memory or the grief upon.

So I thought this was well worth sharing, Mark Armstrong, who has spent 20 years in the funeral industry, has come up with idea that may help grieving families: a small metal disc that is engraved and then goes through the cremation process with a baby. So that even if there are not any ashes left, the disc will contain carbon elements from the infant and provide a connection.

He said: “It’s a leap forward. It’s providing security that’s never been seen in this country before. Instead of getting nothing back from the cremated remains, families get this disc – they’re going to take comfort from that. The disc will have been on the baby and they’ll draw comfort from that for the rest of their lives. I’ve had to deal with these families who’ve had nothing returned to them.

“When crematoriums have been cremating babies and small children the families haven’t had the ashes returned.

“You never get anything back from really small babies – with this you would get something.”

The discs are two inches big and are made from specialist stainless steel. They come in a box which can also be personalised with with things like a poem, photo or lock of hair. He has call the business Keep me Close, as yet I don’t have any more details. But when I do I will share them.

This was based on an article I found in the Horncastle News



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