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memorial cremation tattoo

Memorial Tattoos Celebs are getting in on the act

Memorial tattoos are tattoos that contain the cremation ashes of a loved one, fine gains of ash are incorporated into the ink before the tattooing.

It is interesting that in the UK, celebrities have the ability to legitimise practices and set trends. We are always on the look out for when this happens with cremation ashes.  Here we have a classic case in point , the following is from a  small article on the This is Gloucestershire website.

The star of the television drama series Whitechapel, Hannah Walters has had a memorial tattoo on her foot containing her mothers ashes.

Ms Walters opted for a swirling butterfly design, she said: “I was looking for the right thing to do as a tribute to my mum and I have wanted a tattoo for ages so when I saw this it was perfect.”

There has been quite a bit of debate over memorial tattoos – apart from issues of taste, which sometimes appears to cloud the issues, are they safe? There has been little research on the subject. However many medical practitioners tend to argue on the side of caution, the ashes may not be sterile and there is a chance they could cause infection, also there may be an allergic reaction to a foreign body being placed under the skin.

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