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ashes of chin peng

Ashes of Malaysian Communist leader – State try to intervene

ashes of chin peng

The ex communist leader of Malaysia, Chin Peng passed away in a hospital in Thailand in September, he had been in exile in Thailand since signing a peace accord with the Malaysian Government in the late eighties.

Now his cremation ashes have sparked a row, the Malaysian authorities are looking for ways to prevent his ashes from being brought back into the country.

The Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, said:

“I really discourage any attempts to bring the ashes into Malaysia as it might spark the communism ideology,” but he also said there was no law to prevent it.

Supports of Mr Peng also seem to be implying that that it is a matter of race (what with Mr Peng being of Chinese descent) this was denied by the Government “This is not a question of race. Chin Peng is a communist leader and any other race will also face the same fate and treatment,” said Wan Junaidi who is also Santubong MP.

We have reported on ashes being seen as a rallying point for the faithful in walks of life, however this is the first time where I have seen a State try and intervene on repatriation, they must consider it serious. I will post again if the story develops.

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