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ashes cruise liner

Last Cruises – ashes scattered from cruise liners

Scattering Ashes From A Cruise Liner

Are you after being scattered from a cruise ship, we posted on this a last year where you need to contact the company prior to travel, however a company in the States has made a business out of it. My Final Cruise will “Once you register with us, we take all responsibility from you in regard to submission of permits to ensure you are above compliance.”

Also you can use the site to record what and where your want your last cruises to be and it will email the necessary person or persons. And if you book through them or buy their urns they can record the position ‘forever’ on the internet as they put it “Our world map will record and display the final resting place at sea. In addition to the longitude and latitude you may add photos, a memorial and even a short video to share with others. “Our map is public, Government agencies can verify by viewing the map the exact location.” not entirely sure which agencies would be up for that but hay ho…

I am not sure how I feel about this actually, they are offering a service and it appears that they are not charging a fortune for this, and it perhaps adds a bit of piece of mind. It is very likely I am being an old cynic and that people using the service really appreciated it. So I shall sit on the fence on this one…

If however any of you out there have any experience of this service one way or the other let me know…

Note: international waters you don’t need a permit.

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    Richard - 6th July 2012

    Actually it would appear that you do need to register a scattering in coastal waters off the US – this applies to a 5 mile limit. So if you are intending to scatter further out to sea – nothing is required.

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