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John Noakes fireworks ashes

John Noakes goes out with a Bang! Intrepid presenters’ final farewell

Even saying John Noakes’ name will bring a smile to your face if you are of certain age, what was one of the most loved  icons of 70s children’s TV. From climbing Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square to sky diving. If Blue Peter had a task that needing a bit of derring-do, then he was your man. And his ever faithful the sheep dog Shep never far from his side, the pair were inseparable. I seem to recall my dad buying ‘Get down Shep’ by the Baron Knight (but lets not go there).

John passed away in May and now his widow Vicky has chosen to fulfill his wishes which were to have half  of his ashes were scattered on his school playing field at Rishworth School, near Halifax, West Yorkshire and the other half to go to the island Majorca, where he spent his final years.

So a party of 25 gather on the sports field to see him off with a bang.  A fitting end for a man known for living life to the full.

Interesting to note that we wanted his ashes splitting ,which is becoming increasingly popular and that as he wanted his ashes to be scattered over his childhood sports pitch that his family added a fitting twist by using Self Fire Rocket Firework

I wonder if they considered Blue Peter’s Italian sunken garden as a location? Okay forget I suggested that.

Original stories and pictures:

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