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Last request - Kinky Friedman's ashes

Jewish County and Western singer has unusual ashes request

I don’t profess to be big up on the Country and Western scene, but it does seem to have its fair share of characters.

Kinky Friedman, who was performing for his Bi-Polar World Tour*, told a crowd at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas that :  “I’m gonna be cremated and I want my ashes spread on Rick Perry’s hair,”

For those not in the know Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas, Friedman ran against him for office and lost, so there is perhaps a bit on enmity there.

I don’t know whether there are many Jewish Country and Western singers, but I have my doubts. It is certainly unusual that someone of semitic decent would opt for cremation. However I sense Mr Friedman may be slightly unorthodox in an orthodox State. Here is my evidence:  Mr Friedman’s website sells various products like tequila, cigars and salsa all of which bear his name. In addition, he has recently expressed the following views which are designed to alleviate the State’s fiscal difficulties

“I would campaign very hard to legalize casino gambling,” he said. “And to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. If we can accomplish those two things, we won’t be talking about any kind of taxes for 30 years.”

So if you up for Mexican dinner followed by a stogie – why not visit (Yee-har! as they say)

*Sorry I don’t have the rest of the tour dates and by ‘world’ I am not sure the geographical reach of said tour…

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