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crematoria perth dispute

Digging a road through a scattering site – an infringement of human rights?

crematoria perth dispute

There is a plan to put a road through a section of crematoria land in Perth Scotland and the local residents aren’t happy.

Perth council plan to ease congestion in that part of the city involves shaving a strip of land off of the crematoria grounds, which is not the actual garden of remembrance although it has been used for the scattering of ashes.

Members of the Luncarty, Redgorton and Moneydie Community Council have threatened legal action if this goes ahead saying “Approving this planning application and disturbing the human remains of the loved ones of their constituents would result in councillors being held culpable of abusing the human rights of their constituents.”

And there has been a petition signed by 2400 residents asking the council to rethink.

So is it, I wonder, an infringement of someone’s human rights? Human right is one of those terms banded about like health and safety often abused and never that well understood. The article did not say which part of the Act it would be contravening, but I suppose it could be? Certainly they are unhappy and the elected council would do well to listen. Crematoria grounds should be sacred, people who scatter there would probably have thought so when they scattered.

But is anywhere really sacrosanct? Churchyards are prone to be dug up to ‘make way for progress’ certainly cemeteries dating over a 100years old seem to be (or am I just making this up on a few remembered news articles) anyway, it does make you think about what is likely to be there ‘forever’,  I think it is fair to say in an urban landscape things change, space is precious and council may take the approach that the need of the future outweigh the objections…

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