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dna ashes mix up

Lazy or accidently misleading: Ashes from DNA

dna ashes mix up

The Daily Mail ran a story on it’s website entitled DNA test on some cremated remains after woman found wrong body in her mother’s casket.

I thought blimey that’s interesting I was told the heat from the crematoria destroyed all the DNA. So I clicked with interest. Only to discover that is not what has happen at all. Actually what did happen is a little confusing – but that is not to do with the DNA. So still as far as we know DNA can’t be recovered from ashes, but there is another odd if a little gruesome conundrum.

Two ladies died on an island ST Maarten in the Caribbean. One lady is sent to New York, the other to Canada. The New York family find that the body inside the casket hey receive is not their relative, the body that ended up in Canada looks likely to be theirs. Oh dear now that is not good.

The New Yorker who ended up in Canada was cremated. So the family to prove this they have sent off her toothbrush and hair brush to be compared with sample from “bodily fluids were recovered from a casket in Canada that might have contained [the] body.”

So the lady was removed from the coffin before cremation? What was the coffin being kept for? Was it a special air freight coffin? All sounds a bit grim and the poor family! Well I hope they get it sorted.

Orlando Vanterpool (great name) said he thought he had sent the right ones, but if not was going to offer a refund! How kind is that?! Well yes not very.

Here is the original story:



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