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Ashes of Stephen Hawking

Hawking’s Ashes are buried with the greats

The late great professor Stephen Hawking ashes have been interred at Westminster Abbey between those of Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

He was buried under an are at a ceremony conducted on 15 June 2018

Quite rightly so, not only achieving so much for science but for his positive impact on attitudes towards disability. And I count myself as one of the many who has bought ‘A Brief History of Time’ opened it and started two or three times and returned it to the shelf to sit along other great books like ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ where they sit in the ‘I’ll get a round-tuit’ category.

Now there is couple of aspects to this I love. Firstly, it is quite right the Hawking is placed amongst the greats, in arguably the most iconic religious building in the UK, with a service which included a reading by Benedict Cumberbatch from the Book of Wisdom – I doubt the irony of both would have been missed on the famous agnostic. I love the fact that the was no hoo-ha from the church over this, can’t see many other counties/religions taking a similar approach.

The internment of the cremated remains included the beautiful sound choir of Westminster Abbey with family who laid flowers on a plaque depicting his equation. The second aspect that I really liked was a clever piece of memorialisation – after the ceremony, Hawking’s words, set to music by Vangelis, were beamed to the closest black hole. Nice.


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