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A Bell Ringer fails in her attempt to move her parents ashes closer

A lady bell-ringer from Northchapel a village in West Sussex,  who wished to exhume and relocate her parents ashes to bring them closer, has had her appeal been rejected.

The chancellor of the diocese of Chichester and a judge of the Church of England’s Consistory Court, refused Mrs Lacey’s request to move her parents ashes from a cemetery in Battle and so make it more convenient for her to visit.

She wrote: “For me to have them [my parents’ ashes] near would mean that I had a little bit of my brother, father and mother. I think I had never been able to really grieve for them.”

However the judge said: “I can find nothing pointing to a special or exceptional circumstance. Her application is founded on the sincere wish to have the remains of those she loves and still grieves closer to where she lives.”

He added: “Exhumation for sentiment or convenience or to hang on to the remains of life is a denial of the Christian intention of burial.

“Mrs Lacey must therefore bear her grief with fortitude, knowing her parents’ remains are to lie together undisturbed where they were committed to God’s keeping.”

As we have written on a few occasions – exceptional circumstances are required to depart from the rule that, the last resting place is the last resting place .

Importantly here it has been made clear that Mrs Lacy has to pay the courts as well as her own.

What I find sad is that no one had advised Mrs Lacy this was bad course of action, not only causing her more anxiety, but a significant expense too! I suppose it could have been that Mrs Lacy was prepared to try anything to fulfil her wish, but still it would appear a forgone conclusion.

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