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cremation ashes mystery

Cremated ashes Philadelphia mystery burial

cremation ashes mystery

The burial of a child’s ashes in public place has sparked a hunt the relative who placed them there. This story from Philadelphia in the US has sparked a lot of interest on the Eastern seaboard.


The ashes were buried under a tree and were there was a number of memorial item at the grave site to indicate it was a child. The authorities exhumed the cremation urn and have revealed that think it was an infant, although there appears to be no foul play. However what is a little odd is that the name found with the ashes does not appear on any cremation records in the vicinity. The authorities are not revealing the name hoping that the relative will come forward and they have also left instruction at the site how to be contacted – the site was well maintained so presumably it will be visited again shortly, although no one has come forward yet.


There is a clear message here to those of you who are considering wilderness burials – conceder where you bury, get permission from the land owner, choose a secluded spot, don’t cover with grave with markers and recognisable symbols – you don’t want to be in the position of this poor person, it would be heartbreaking.



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