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Christmas Bauble Ashes Glass

Christmas memorialisation: a Christmas decoration cremation urn

Christmas is a time of year to reflect and it can be bitter sweet in many ways, I felt I couldn’t let the festive season past with a little post on the subject. I have had a look around and found a rather unusual product in the States that is different way to link memorialisation with Christmas. Into the Light Urns – offer a Christmas tree decoration that is a sort of cremation urn – an Angel Porcelain Ornament with a silver teardrop where you can place a small amount of cremation ash, a lock of hair.

I think the intension is that these are more for pet memorialisation, but they could be used for either. And I am not quite sure if they will catch on over here in the UK. Although in one respect I have to say I like their thinking – discrete memorialisation at a very poignant time of year.

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