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baseball AstroTurf scattering ashes

Ashes scattered over AstroTurf: Blue Jays fan memorialised

baseball AstroTurf scattering ashes

The Rogers Stadium in Toronto, home to the baseball tem the Blue Jays, was the target of an ill-fated ash scattering.

During a game between the Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers a fan entered the entire contents of an entire urn near the Jay’s dugout. The grounds people not being sure what it was called the hazardous materials team to clear it up. The fire chief considered them t be human ashes: they were not tested and the man after being spoken to by security was not ejected.

Now you might think well done to the plucky fan who fulfills his loved ones wishes, an audacious act that could have landed him in trouble. I have a slightly more pragmatic take on this, apart from this act being rather selfish – as he had no idea what distress it may cause to others, it was rather ill conceived. Most people consider the act of scattering is to give someone a resting place those scattering a place to memorialise – permanently associating someone with a place through an act of integration. The problem here is the Blues Jays play on AstroTurf that is on a bed of concrete The net results is the loved was hoovered up in a short order, presumably now residing in a landfill in the Toronto area somewhere.

Now it maybe that the temporary state of affairs was all the loved one/ fan wanted, although that seems less probable. So the moral of the story is before heroic acts of loyalty consider the end result. And if, as in this case, the final outcome is undesired then think about how else your loved one could be associated with the location: in this case a token scattering and a plaque maybe?

1 thought on “Ashes scattered over AstroTurf: Blue Jays fan memorialised

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    Joanne wilson - 22nd November 2021

    I feel like l can hear my dad speaking in my ears everybody griefs differently l know that mum doesn’t get anything like me so it makes her upset l also have dreams bout him its very ware mum does yes l was a daddy’s girl always will be in my heart l know he is in heaven
    When he going he was very frustrated this is strange but l didn’t know he was going so has massive argument while is was in hes hospital bed l actually swore coz l was frustrated he hated lisning to people swaring he demanded me too get a pen & paper so l did but l was so annoyed l wrote it out my writing was terrible but is still readable even though some dosent make sense
    I think lm getting all this because he’s a guilty sprit & l don’t want him too be
    The day before he phoned mum & said bye too her which was heartbreaking too her

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