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You would be surprised how many stories there are about cremated remains ending up in charity shops, the normal circumstances are that a house clearance is organised by someone living away and no one checking or realising that a loved one’s ashes were in the wardrobe, these issues a are usually swiftly sorted. However this is a slightly different twist.

A ladies bought a silver locket from a thrift store (known as Charity shops in the UK) located in Vermont in the US. When she got the locket home and opened it she was mildly surprised to find it the jewellery contained cremated remains.

She returned the locket to the shop. Merilyn Bourne from the organisation that runs the shop said “This sort of event has never occurred before,” and they were stumped as to know how to find the donor as the donation could have been months ago.

Listen Community Services (the organisation that runs the shop) posted the following on its Facebook page: “We are trying to locate the original owner of this locket that was accidentally donated to LISTEN. This locket contains the ashes of a loved one, and we would really like to return it to its rightful owner. If you have any information, call our central office at (603)448-4553 and ask to speak with Merilyn. Help spread the word by sharing this post!”

Bourne hopes that the power of Facebook will help them locate the lockets elusive owner.

Bourne says that so far, three or four people have contacted them claiming the locket is theirs, but because anyone could describe the locket from the news and Facebook, she has not returned the locket to anyone yet, but she is hopeful that she will locate the rightful owner.

I am not sure which is most sad, someone giving away jewellery containing the ashes of a loved one or a random stranger pretending it is theirs! Funny old world.
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