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ashes into jewellery

BBC Documentary Series – get in touch about Celebrations of Life

The documentary company Wild Pictures has been in contact with us:

We’re making a documentary series for the BBC about different approaches to death and ageing and we’d like to hear about funerals as a ‘Celebration of Life’ as we try to see beyond taboos and fears around talking about death. The series will be fronted by the 77-year-old actress Miriam Margoyles, who is passionate about the topic, as she goes on her own journey to learn more.

We are hoping for Miriam to spend time with a person who wants a big party when they’re gone, and is beginning to plan it – whether that’s sending ashes in a firework rocket or scattering from a plane; or a family who are choosing to honour their loved one in a different way according to their wishes. Or turning ashes into jewellry as part of their  memorialisation. Our aim is to explore different ways of thinking and talking about death as we plan how to celebrate lives.

If you’re interested in the idea, or want to learn more about the project, please get in touch with me at

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