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A mother fears about crematorium land being sold off

A grieving mother who lost her quadruplets, they died after a premature birth, choose to have the ashes scattered at Bretby Crematorium, she has since discovered that the site may be sold off to a private company – Midlands Co-op

Mrs Morley from the town of Burton-upon-Trent in the East Midlands has spoken out about her fears that new owners of the crematorium (currently owned jointly by East Staffordshire Borough Council and South Derbyshire District Council) could restrict her access. The Local Authority have reassured her that this is not the case.

Whilst it seems unlikely that the Co-op would restrict access – it does raise a few interesting points. When land moves from public to private ownership it does lessen the public’s rights, no matter what caveats may be put in place at the start.

The Local Authority also perhaps failed to communicate with their community on this matter. This is such the most sensitive of ownership issues surely the the Authority were not so ham fisted they failed to explain and engage? Well if they did it hasn’t worked that well!

It also raises the whole security around where we scatter ashes, what the academics term the environment of memory, that special place where we choose to remember someone – it is utterly sacrosanct  in our hearts. However, the decision as where to place the ashes is often done in extreme stress and can’t be undone. People need to choose land that can’t be disturbed or developed or maybe water where you are trying to achieve complete connection. Should more help and advice be given to people about where they carry out this solemn act?

Personally I am not a fan of Gardens of Remembrance, although the sense of security of the land is one appeal – so when even this is brought into question you can understand it can be very distressing for all those who have scattered their loved ones ashes there.

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