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etihad carrying ashes

Etihad Airways cremation ashes policy

Carrying ashes on a Etihad Airways flight

Etihad Airways The Abu Dhabi based flight operator  has announced that it is rolling out new rules on carry-on bags aboard flights they are restricting certain powder material from cabin luggage. The good news is that there is certain exemptions and cremated remains is one of them:

1. Medically prescribed powder substances including baby formula and cremated human remains provided they are sealed, not tampered and have supporting evidence

Addendum 20/12/21:

Due to restrictions from the Abu Dhabi Airport Authorities, Etihad is unable to accept cremated remains in cabin baggage on flights from, to, or via Abu Dhabi. Cremated Remains can be carried in Checked Baggage, provided supporting documents are held by the traveller.


We would also advise that you speak to the embassy for the country of where you are travelling to, to see if there is likely to be any complications at that end. This can be problematic in certain northern European countries where ashes are treated in exactly the same way as a body.

10 thoughts on “Etihad Airways cremation ashes policy

  1. Reply
    JANINE - 11th December 2021


    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 17th December 2021

      Hi Jannie
      I am afraid I can’t help with that you would need to contact the airline directly.
      Kind regards

  2. Reply
    Dee - 22nd June 2021

    Is there any information on if the body had surgery with input prosthetics or plates? May people aren’t getting through TSA easily because of this. I know the TSA is more US based, but does international airport security “scan” the cremains?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 22nd June 2021

      Hi Dee
      Metal parts and other foreign elements are removed from the ashes after cremation, before the ashes are handed back to the family. I appreciate this may be different in the US. Yes they will scan the ashes.
      Kind regards

  3. Reply
    Mary jean - 30th June 2020

    I just wanna inquire the procedure on how to travel with carrying human remains on board from AUH to manila.thank you.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 1st July 2020

      I am not sure of anything different for those to locations, I would suggest contacting the airline as a first step.

  4. Reply
    Jane Taylor - 25th April 2019

    I will be flying from BHX to Harare on Etihad with mummy
    Mums ashes and have a supporting letter from the funeral home and ashes boxes in a non metallic container. Please advise if there is anything else I can do to prepare for this journey.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 25th April 2019

      I would take the creation and death certificate along with you. I hope that helps.

  5. Reply
    REBECCA - 24th January 2019

    I will traveling from Manchester via Abu Dhabi to SriLanka
    With my sons ashes. Can you please explain the procedure on Ethihad airlines

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 25th January 2019

      We have a page on Etihad policy https://scattering-ashes.co.uk/news/27487/

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