Natural Ball Urn

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  • 100% biodegradable urn made from natural materials
  • Floats for a a few minutes before submerging
  • Choice of natural pastel colours
  • Can be engraved
  • Award Winning Independent Family Business

Ganges Holy Water


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100% Biodegradable Natural Ball Urn

These biodegradable ball urns perfect for a water burial made from clay with a vegetable gelatin bond. Covered in eco-friendly paints, they are attractive, colourful and stylish.

This design that is perfect for a water burial.

The ball urn will float* for a few minutes then gradually submerge (the duration is variable – see below).   The ball urns are available in pastel shades: Green, Blue and Orange.

They are entirely suited to Hindu and Sikh ceremonies, as the urn has no animal gelatin.

The urns comes with a bag to contain the ashes, this bag dissolves in water. This is how you fill them – Filling a natural ball urn, y\ou funeral director will help you if you are unable to do this.


Volume 4 litres.

Height 20cm, maximum diameter 22.5cm.

Suitable for one person’s ashes only.

*How long will the urn float for?

The length of time urn floats for depends on the weight of the ashes, if there are a lot of ashes (7lbs / 3.5kg for example) will mean the ball will sink very quickly. Too give you an idea, here is our video on the urns being tested 

Note: we can’t control this some have floated for a long while and other sink very quickly. They are great, but we can’t guarantee timings

For more ideas about scattering ashes on a river, lake or sea visit our advice section – Scattering on rivers and the sea.

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5 reviews for Natural Ball Urn

  1. Terry (verified owner)

    Hi we had the orange ball urn and it was perfect it floated for around five minutes and looked lovely with the red rose petals then just dipped below the surface and was gone ,the base was damaged when it came but a replacement was sent out immediately, excellent service thankyou, also the boat skipper paul in bridlington was excellent aswell ,thanks all

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    We had the orange orb so that the colour would be very visible on the ocean. Our mum had cancer so was frail and skinny when she died, and she wasnt tall. And we kept back some small pots of her ashes to keep. This meant that when we added the ashes to the orb it was not completely full. Apparently it is important for the orb to not completely full – of course it needs some air to float and be bouyant. It worked well. We had a boat out and launched the orb. It was fascinating to see where it went as it didnt simply float out to sea – it went under the gang plank and around the other side of the boat then off on its own journey out to see. It was still floating until it went out of sight as we were on our journey back. So it you want it to float make sure there is air in it. Also that you seal the lid with the glue. We paid for engraving but i wouldnt bother again – it wasnt really visible as it was so small and apparently is quite tricky to do. Overall it was a really memorable occassion involving the whole family young and old. This was really important because we were only allowed a tiny restricted service and not allowed a wake during lockdown – so to do this after was great.

  3. Kay

    We chose the orange floating ball. It was a beautifully made urn however it sank immediately. We were hoping that it would float for a couple of minutes in the sea but sadly it went down straight away. A biodegradable paper urn might have been better.

    • Karen Martin

      Dear Kay thank you for your comment, we really appreciate your feedback, we want everyone to have a memorable ceremony for all the right reasons and I’m sorry that the urn sunk straight away. We do try to explain very clearly on the website and in the instructions that if there isn’t enough air in the ball then it’s buoyancy is impacted, it needs some air to float. Here is a link to the video that we made testing the urn but different conditions on the can also impact the length of time it will float. I will have a good look through all wording on the site and the instructions to make sure that this is as clear as it can be. Thanks again for your comments.

  4. Eveleen (verified owner)

    The water urn I ordered from Scattered ashes was a perfect choice for our coastal send off. The product was excellent and the service and advice very helpful and empathetic. Many thanks

  5. Cadsy (verified owner)

    We chose the pale green ball – very pretty. It was quite heavy already when empty and when we filled it with the ashes we could tell that it would not float in the sea. It didn’t. It sank immediately. The main reason for choosing the ball was to prevent any wind blowing the ashes and to keep it as dignified a ceremony as possible, and we had children with us, so we were not too upset that it disappeared straight away. I bought some rose petals for us all to scatter on the water and they did float away, so that helped make it more of a lasting event.

    • Richard

      I am sorry to hear that the ball sank straight way, although it was reassuring to hear that the ceremony was still memorable. I have seen these ball floating, but you’re absolutely right if there is a lot of weight in the urn the air trapped inside the ball will not be enough to make it float. I will ask the manufacture to clarify exactly how much is the maximum, and if they don’t tell us we will test it ourselves. Sincere apologies once more.

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