Message in a bottle: One last adventure

  • Send the ashes on a fantastic adventure
  • Ideal for free spirits, or those that loved or wanted to travel
  • Everything you need is included
  • Beautifully presented
  • Award Winning Independent Family Business

This item is currently on backorder and any orders placed will be fulfilled at the end of May once stock of the inner tube arrives.

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Message in a bottle: One last adventure

A Message in a Bottle is so evocative, it’s journey upon the seas so carefree, such wanderings, such adventure. It may stay on a shore for months or just a moment, floating effortlessly on the tide through sunsets and sunrises alike. It may catch a trade current and speed across an entire ocean, watch dolphins dart or whales jump. The freedom and possibilities are endless.

What a fantastic final journey for a small part of a loved one ashes. It is symbolic and resonates with so many of us – maybe they were a traveller or a free spirit, perhaps they wanted to spread their wings but were unable, there are many reasons why this could be a wonderful send-off for a loved one.


  • A choice of a beautiful light or dark blue presentation/ keepsake box
  • One cylindrical wooden ash container, handmade from sustainable wood with a tight fitting wooden cap lid
  • One bottle with a cork stopper
  • One piece of parchment paper cut to size for your message
  • One sealing wax
  • One set of instructions and ideas

Each box measures 19cm length x 10cm width and 9cm height

Works well with water Promises

Message in a bottle is an ancient tradition according to records date back to around 300BC – for more information on the history plus other interesting snippets such as journey times and travel rate go and visit Wikipedia

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