Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees. Planting a tree using your loved one’s ashes. There is something really special about memorialising our loved ones with a tree – a continuation of life.  It such a wonderful idea but the tree needs to flourish and simply planting a tree with human ashes doesn’t actually work very well.

Soil Enhancer for Ashes

If you plant a tree directly into the ground or a pot with your loved one’s ashes you could damage or even kill the tree. Human ashes are high in alkaline and salts and this impacts your trees’ ability to grow and survive. Our package contains our Soil Enhancer for Memorial Trees – Living Memorial . This is a soil product that you mix with their  ashes. It will neutralise the negative impact of ashes and extract the nutrients to give to your tree.

Each Memorial Tree Pack contains:

  • Tree sapling in a pot 1-1.2m / 3-4ft *
  • Soil Enhancer for Memorial Trees
  • Stake and ties
  • Bio Guard
  • Option to include a plaque

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