Memorial Garden Sculptures

Memorial Garden Sculptures

Memorial Garden Sculptures. Hand-made here in Devon using the finest quality stainless steel. These memorial sculptures are truly gorgeous and they only get better with time. The stainless steel memorial sculptures house your loved ones cremation ashes within the chamber so that the ashes are kept safe and dry.

We have a range of contemporary designs that will look stunning in any setting. You can place these memorial sculptures in the garden and they will reflect the light and any flowers that are planted around the sculpture adding a wonderful dimension to your view, fabulous.

We can add a plaque at a small extra charge so that you can choose either some favourite lines from a poem or song, or simply a name and dates.

Another wonderful benefit is that if you move house you can take them with you, you can keep them close to you for as long as you want.

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  • Memorial ashes companion two person 4 person

    Memory Stone Companion Pedestal

  • Memorial Ashes Pedestal and Planter

    Memory Stone Companion Planter Bowl and Pedestal

  • Companion Garden Memorial Sculpture Petal

    Companion Garden Memorial Sculptures: Petal™

  • Ceramic Stoneware Garden Memorial Urn

    Lotus Garden Memorial Urn

  • ashes garden memorial

    Memorial Garden Sculptures: Petal™

  • ashes garden memorial

    Small Garden Memorial: Mini-Petal™

  • Memorial garden planter

    Memorial Garden Planter

  • Garden Memorial Waterurn : Bronze garden urn

    Garden Memorial Waterurn: Bronze

  • garden memorial urn

    Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone

  • Garden Memorial Sculpture: Pyramis

    Garden Memorial Sculpture: Companion Pyramis™

  • Garden Memorial Sculpture: Pyramis

    Garden Memorial Sculpture: Pyramis™

  • Moon Gazing Hare: Ashes Garden Memorial

    Moongazing Hare – Bronze Urns for the Garden


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