Garden Memorials

Garden Memorials

Garden Memorials. We are a green-fingered nation and the garden is a fantastic resting place for your loved ones cremation ashes. You may just want to keep them in the garden whilst you decide what to do, or keep them there forever – they are all weatherproof to last for years and will age beautifully.

We have a wide range of fantastic garden sculptures that will hold your cremation ashes, contemporary sculptures or more traditional birdbaths and sundials.

The Garden Memorials are totally discreet so it is up to you whether you tell people that they hold your loved ones ashes. You can also have them as a feature or tucked away in a favourite spot. You can also add a discreet plaque on many of the Garden Memorials.

Another wonderful benefit is that if you move house you can take them with you, you can keep them close to you for as long as you want.

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  • Memorial ashes companion two person 4 person

    Memory Stone Companion Pedestal

  • Memorial Ashes Pedestal and Planter

    Memory Stone Companion Planter Bowl and Pedestal

  • garden memorial

    Memory Stone Sundial – The Yelverton

  • Companion Garden Memorial Sculpture Petal

    Companion Garden Memorial Sculptures: Petal™

  • Ceramic Stoneware Garden Memorial Urn

    Lotus Garden Memorial Urn

  • ashes garden memorial

    Memorial Garden Sculptures: Petal™

  • ashes garden memorial stone

    Memorial Stone Sundial: The Jurassic

  • ashes garden memorial

    Small Garden Memorial: Mini-Petal™

  • memorial stone birdbath to store ashes

    Memorial Stone Birdbath

  • Carved Memorial Stone Sundial: Devon

    Carved Memorial Stone Sundial: The Devon

  • Carved Memorial Stone Sundial: Devon

    Companion Garden Sundial: Devon Range

  • Memorial garden planter

    Memorial Garden Planter


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