Lotus Flower Water Urn

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The Lotus Flower Water Urn

These water urns are 100% biodegradable: designed for an ashes water burial ceremony. The designed with symbolism in mind, compliments any water ceremony with smooth lines and a pleasing look.

Made of clay and a plant-based gelatin, they dissolve completely in water.

Depending on the weight of ashes, they will float* for few minutes. The sink and dissolve, releasing the ashes into the water.

The ashes will be contained in bag that will also disintegrate, this bag goes inside the urn. The Lotus Flower Water Urn will hold the ashes of one person.

*The duration the urn will float for is variable. It is down to the weight of the ashes, the water conditions and the height from which the urn is dropped. For example, if it was a set of ashes weighing 7lbs (3.5kg) and dropped from around 6ft or 2m then the urn will sink straight away. However, if the urn contained only 5lbs (2.5kg) of ashes and was placed on the water it will float for a few minutes. The urn will then fill with water through holes in the bottom of the urn and then submerge.

You can drop these urns from a height. They won’t break on the surface of the water, but will sink straight away. We know because we have tested them from around 25ft/7m.

As there are no animal products used in the gelatin bonding agent, as such they are ideal for Hindu and Sikh ceremonies.

We provide glue to seal the lid, although simply moistening the lid where it comes into contact with the base will be enough to create a seal.

They are also suitable for land burial as moisture in the soil will help the urn to biodegrade.

Lotus Flower Water Urn Symbolism

The lotus flower has a large amount of symbolism in Buddhism and Hinduism

In Buddhism the lotus symbolises spiritual Awakening and faithfulness due to the flower’s ability to rise from the depths – clean and pure. Different colours have different meaning – the white flower represents purity and perfection of the spirit.

In Hindu tradition the flower represent many aspects. It is strongly associated with spirituality, and eternity. It is often pictured with the Hindu deities including Laxmi (prosperity) and Brahma (god of creation)

Capacity and Dimensions:

Volume 3 litres – this is suitable for the ashes of one person.

Height 23cm,

Maximum diameter 22cm.

Available in Crystal White and Baby pink in colour.

Ashes water ceremony

Water burials are a very dignified way to conduct a ashes ceremony – you can cast petals, put last words on our promises noteletsOr if appropriate you can use our natural floating biodegradable candle, made of beeswax and coconut shell to make a memorable occasion.

Record where you conducted the ceremony for future generations. If you are on a boat the skipper will be able to tell you your exact location. Recorded the location on our ceremony certificates

We consider these urns more suitable for deeper water below the low tide line. Please see our page on general guidance for ceremonies or river or the sea.Many people find that the simple presence of a body of water after the ceremony can help them to remember that person.

Each urn is in robust custom protective packaging that is both convenient and discreet transporting. The box (and urn) will pass through airport security screenings and can fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial airliners.

These items are generally in stock and can be shipped quickly. For Delivery information please click here

They are also suitable for land burial as moisture in the soil will help the urn to biodegrade.

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