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Free Ashes Guide: What to do with ashes - guide

Free Ashes Guide: What to do with Ashes now – available to people working with bereaved families

Free Ashes Guide.

Free Ashes Guide. We have been blogging and writing on the subject of ashes for a several years now, and we have produced  a lot of guidance on what people could do with ashes. However, until now we have only had this information available on the website and our guide book*.

The good news is we have taken the main points and put them into a small 4 sided guidance note that we are making free to funeral directors, celebrants, hospices, bereavement counsellors to be able to give out.

The guide highlights the major issues that people might not have thought of, it also address issue most people are concerned, lastly it lists some of the options available to them concerning what can be done with the ashes: from fireworks and ashes into jewellery, to keeping the ashes in a garden sculpture or sending them off ablaze in a replica viking boat!

The guide is intended to help bereaved families feel confident choices in memorialising their loved one.

If you are interested in receiving a sample or a batch just let us know: or call us on 01626 798198

* [ Celebrating the Life of a Loved One: what to do with their ashes – rated 5* on Amazon]

You can find the kindle version here on Amazon

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