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Philip II of Macedonia cremated remains confirmed


Most of us have heard of Alexander the Great, well in case you weren’t aware his father was Philip II of Macedonia and scientists now believe they have discovered his cremated remains. The tomb that held them was found a while ago in 1977, but recent excavations revealed that there were were more burial chambers at the site.

In fact the remains of five people have been unearthed, namely Philip II (and an unnamed wife), so how are they sure its him? Well apparently there could only be a limited number of possibilities, in fact two. One being Philip II and the other being or Philip III Arrhidaeus, who was Alexander the Great’s half-brother.

Analysis of the remains revealed the answer: certain injuries were consistent with a warrior king including one from an arrow that blinded him in one eye. And it was evident the person was accustomed to riding horses. Presumably Philip III was neither of these things. The remains of female also help eliminate Philip III as his wife was younger than twenty five when she died and these were of a woman in her mid-thirties.

So mystery solved, they also found an array of grave goods and a stunning mosaic of the rape of Persephone still fairly intact (see picture)

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