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cremation orgins

Origins of scattering cremated ashes Part II: Jat Tribe


The origins of scattering cremated ashes, as one might imagine, are claimed by a number of customs and religions. A few weeks ago I wondered whether Norse Mythology came first, since then I have had a couple of people suggesting different origins and describing where this custom might also have originated.

The Jat tribes of the Punjab have customs that relate to the scattering of ashes. After cremation the Asthi-visarjan ceremony is performed, the ceremony of disposal of the bone pieces or ashes collected from the shamśān (cremation ceremony) on the third day they are disposed into the River Ganges at Haridwar

Is it likely that one culture would have passed it on to another? Is it likely that if cremation was used as a ritual after death ceremonies would have been developed around this? I am sure there are more and when I come across them I will add them…


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