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Cricket Grounds

Scattering ashes at cricket grounds

Listed below are the Cricket clubs that we have asked and had a response from concerning the spreading of cremation ashes, we will add more in due course:

Edgbaston: Sadly, they do not be allowing ashes spread on the ground.

Headingley Stadium: do not permit the scattering of ashes on any of the turfed playing surfaces. However they do have a memorial garden where you can scatter a token amount of ashes (so the soil can be preserved). It has seasonal flowers and plants in the garden. This is priced from £150 to help with the lifetime upkeep of the garden and a notice in the memorial book. For more information call 0113 2033893 (Correct 9th March 2017).

Lords:  The M.C.C. does allow the scattering of ashes, as a private arrangement (for members), on the Harris Memorial Garden next to the Pavilion. Requests are accommodated after the cricket season, during the winter months from 1st October until 31st March.

There is no charge for this service, however, the Club would be grateful for a donation to the M.C.C. Foundation – a charitable trust who helps cricket clubs in the U.K. and abroad. They also require a rough idea of numbers and details of any vehicles your group will be arriving in, so that they inform our gate staff accordingly.

Immediately after it has been read, the ashes would be scattered. Those present would then stand for a minute or so as a sign of respect before leaving the garden.

Old Trafford: This is something they only do during the closed season (ie October-March) and we usually scatter the ashes on the outfield near to one of the stands.

There has been some discussion that they may have a memorial garden in the near future – Old Trafford is due to undergo substantial redevelopment work in the next two years, and it might not be feasible to use the re-laid outfield after that. In other words, they will continue to scatter ashes, but they can’t say exactly where.
Generally it is something they only do for people who have association with the club, eg former players, officials, Lancashire Members and supporters.

The scattering is performed in conjunction with the Club’s chaplain, who would deal with requests put through to him by the Club.

Trent Bridge: They allow ashes to be scattered at Trent Bridge.   Of course, we have to work around the cricket season when matches are being played at the ground, and also what functions are being held here during the year.  Sunday, particularly, is a popular day to choose as, generally, there are no events on the ground, out of season.  Saturday, too, is a good day, although there are more likely to be weddings or lunches here, but we can work around those so that scattering doesn’t take place whilst people are celebrating with friends and family. Email:

Scattering ashes at cricket grounds


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