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Keeping ashes

Keeping ashes

There are two options for the home:

Keeping ashes inside the home – in a urn that is retained in the house and there is a huge choice available. Before you buy, consider where you wish to keep it and how prominent you would like it to be – a focal point or a subtle reminder, in the living room, the bedroom or other private space. No one can tell you where is right or wrong place to keep the urn it is entirely up to you.

  • Display urns – suitable for a prominent focal point in the house
  • Wood urns – very versatile living room or bedroom, shelf, dressing table or wardrobe.
  • Keepsake urns – are perfect if you want to scatter but also to keep just a little reminder. Or share the ashes between family.
  • Discreet urns – where you want the loved one close but you don’t want to publicise the fact

Also worth considering is Ashes into Jewellery – keep just a small amount with you wherever you go.

Keeping ashes in the garden where it can be subtle yet prominent, in sight and out with the elements.

Away from home

In a columbarium these are stone storage niches, generally at crematoria, that hold one or more sets of ashes  (generally up to four sets). The niche has the name of the loved one engraved on the ‘door’. Not that common in the UK and tend to be found in crematoria garden of remembrance, these suit those who want to go to somewhere more formal to memorialise, which is not burial. Here is our columbarium section.

Temporary storage away from your home, it maybe that you find it uncomfortable or distressing to keep the ashes of a loved one at home, there is a facility in Essex that allows you to keep ashes in dignified surrounding for as long as you need.

An ancient stone Long Barrow, this is a place where ashes are kept forever this structure is a modern interpretations of Neolithic Barrows, set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. This place is fantastic if your loved one was a fan of the ancient world.

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