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Record where you scattered your ashes


How to record ash scattering ceremonies.

Keeping a record for future generations is important, when you do something as symbolic as scattering a loved ones ashes you think you will always remember the exact details.

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However, as this often done in a time of extreme emotional stress when the detail and the memory can become blurred. Keep a record and put it with your family certificates. We have designed a range of five to suit a range of tastes. You don’t have to buy ours, but you may wish to record so things to record:

  • Where – simple enough, but be detailed if there is a reason, not just – Beaumaris, but the end of the pier at Beaumaris
  • What time of day you conducted the ceremony – eg dawn; sunset;  midday; midnight;  a specific time. If you are planning a ceremony then sunrise and sunset are symbolic and if you are choosing a popular spot – less busy.
  • When – the date – any particular reason why this date was chosen? A birthday or anniversary?
  • Why you choose to scatter there, stories will be passed down why that particular spot was selected – leave no one guessing
  • Who was there
  • Detail – e.g. did everybody there sprinkle some ashes. Was there an Order of Service, if so attach it

Or get one already made  – Scattering Ceremony Record

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