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Scattering Ash Ceremony

Life’s 4th Ceremony, the gathering of friends and family to celebrate the life of a loved one. When we are born we have a Christening or other birth ceremony, when we get married we have a wedding, when we die we have a funeral. Now you have the ashes, so what should you do?

The 4th Ceremony is about celebration and reflection. I know it’s strange to think about bereavement and celebration in the same sentence but it is about celebrating the life lived. It’s for the people who are left behind, it is their chance to say the things that didn’t get said at the funeral. It is about remembering the good stuff. It is about creating a really special memory somewhere that is very special.

Your celebration, your ceremony. The great thing is that it is entirely up to you, a special occasion to commemorate the life of a loved one. With a little thought and preparation your ceremony to scatter their ashes, will be meaningful, memorable, heartfelt and dignified. It is a fantastic opportunity to give them send-off they would have wished for.

If your loved one was religious you can ask the faith leader to preside. However, if the person wasn’t religious then it is entirely up to you, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side you can spread the ashes in a way you see fit, however with no tradition to lean upon you may be left wondering what the ceremony should involve. Don’t let that daunt you, we have put together a simple download  – Free download: Order of Service

Wondering how to scatter:

Methods for scattering

There are a number of ways you could add a memorable addition:

Please remember other members of the public may wish to use the space after you have been there, so please be responsible. Please don’t leave  the urn, the box it came in or plastic from floral tributes behind.

If  you want a professionally printed Order of Service, here is a company that specialises in such matters:

Order of Service Online

Should you want somebody to conduct a non religious  / secular service for you, you could use the services of a celebrant here are a couple of options:


You should record aspects of the service for the family records:

Scattering Ceremony Record


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