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Help & Advice on Scattering Ashes

Welcome to our Help & Advice page on Scattering Ashes. Here, you'll find comprehensive guidance on the respectful and meaningful scattering of ashes, including legal considerations, suitable locations, and personal touches to make the moment special. Let us support you through this important decision.

Where to Scatter

Choosing the perfect location to scatter ashes is a deeply personal decision. Consider places that held special meaning, such as a favourite beach, woodland, or garden. Public parks, rivers, and even designated scattering gardens can also provide beautiful and serene settings for this heartfelt tribute.

Historic Sites

Cricket Grounds

Football Grounds

Race Courses

Ashes Ceremony

An ashes ceremony offers a poignant way to honour your loved one. You can include meaningful rituals, such as readings, music, and personal reflections. Consider involving family and friends to share memories and say final goodbyes. The ceremony can be simple or elaborate, tailored to reflect the unique life being commemorated.

Methods for Scattering

Wonderful Poems

Example Order of Service

Brilliant Words

Guidance Section

When planning to scatter ashes, it’s important to be aware of any legal requirements and local regulations. Obtain necessary permissions if scattering on private or public land. Be mindful of the environment, avoiding areas where ashes might cause harm. Always check weather conditions to ensure a smooth and respectful ceremony. Here are our guidance notes ...

What to do with ashes? Leaflet

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Who owns Ashes?

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How to Scatter Ashes on Water - Leaflet

Hindu Ashes Water Ceremony

How to Video

Our 'How To' videos provide step-by-step guidance on various aspects of dealing with ashes and memorials. Whether you need help with scattering ashes, selecting an urn, or planning a ceremony, our videos offer clear and compassionate instructions to support you through every step of the process.

Filling and using a scatter tube

Filling a Journey Water Urn

What type of Water Urn should I choose

How to fill a Ball Water Urn

Cremation Urn FAQ

Choosing the right cremation urn can be a daunting task, especially during a time of grief. Our Cremation Urn FAQ section aims to answer your most pressing questions, helping you navigate the various options available. From selecting the appropriate material to understanding customisation possibilities, we provide the information you need to make a thoughtful and informed decision.

Cremation Jewellery FAQ

Cremation jewellery offers a beautiful and intimate way to keep your loved one close. Our Cremation Jewellery FAQ section addresses common questions about these special keepsakes, from types and materials to customisation options. Explore how cremation jewellery can provide comfort and a lasting connection to your cherished memories.

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