Handmade Ceramic Keepsake Comfort Pebble – Screen Printed

  • Stunning Unique Design
  • Wonderful tactile
  • Filled and sealed
  • Handmade in Somerset


Ceramic Keepsake Comfort Pebbles

Handmade in Somerset, exclusively for Scattering Ashes.

These keepsake urns have a wondrous beauty, each one is subtly different making it your very own unique memorial artwork.

Extremely tactile each with a stunning design on both sides of the pebble

There are two screen print designs that are symbolic

  • Swallows – Coming home
  • Butterflies – Rebirth

This technique of screen printing onto ceramic is both both skilled and rare, the result is just fantastic.

The Artist

Clare is a ceramic artist with a fascination for the natural world. A member of the renowned Devon Guild of Master Craftsmen. She works exclusively in clay using a variety of techniques.  A graduate of The Glasgow School of Art, completing an MA at Howard Gardens in Cardiff. She studied at the honing her specialising and style at the Baltimore Institute in Maryland US

Keeping the ashes

Many people keep their loved one’s ashes at home, some because they are not sure what to do with them, some because they are not yet ready to do something with them and some simply want to keep them close by, in the house.  Sometimes, friends will give advice such as ‘it’s time to move on’ or ‘you’ll feel better if you scatter/bury them’. But only you will know how you feel about the loss of your loved one and only you will know when and if the time is right to do something, if ever, with their ashes. Until then these urns can keep the ashes safely and discreetly at home without you having to explain your reasons to anyone, if someone admires the beautiful urn then it is up to you whether you tell them or not.

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