Ashes within Glass Memorial Jewellery: Missing You Pendant

  • Ashes into Glass Pendant
  • Handmade in Devon.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • Unique and beautiful design.
  • Highest quality silver
  • Gift Wrapping available




Handmade in Devon

Our Missing You Pendant is simply beautiful. This talented jeweller is based here in Devon and has over 20 years experience.  We have worked with Fiona to create a stunning range of memorial ashes into glass jewellery items exclusively for Scattering Ashes.

Ashes into Glass

The Missing You memorial pendant is set securely within a simple solid 925 sterling silver setting. It is such a tactile piece of memorial jewellery, giving comfort in the same way that a  ‘worry-bead’ does.


Diameter: 24mm

Chain: comes with an 18″ Snake Chain

Choosing your Ashes Jewellery Stone Colour

Our jeweller hand makes everything here in Devon, England to order so you can choose from a wide variety of colours.

January = Garnet, although garnets can come in a wide range of colours it is traditionally a red colour

February = Amethyst, this is a beautiful purple colour.

March = Aquamarine, a gorgeous colour and what we base our Aqua coloured glass on.

April =  Pink Diamond, a girl’s best friend. [shown in our gallery]

May = Emerald, a fabulous green and the gem of Venus. [shown in our main photo]

June = Pearl, in the USA the Moonstone is also used.

July = Ruby, a deep red colour.

August = Peridot, a light green.

September = Sapphire, a dark blue.

October = Tourmaline or Opal,  tourmaline can often come in a really pretty pink.

November = Topaz, a dusky orange birthstone.

December = Turquoise, a light blue stone.

Ordering a Missing You Pendant

As soon as you order we will send you a pack with everything you need to send a small amount of ashes to our jeweller.
We will email you with confirmation that the ashes have arrived safely.
Our jeweller will make you a totally unique and beautiful  ashes within glass pendant. As soon as it is ready we will send you your Missing You necklace in a pretty presentation box.
The whole process usually takes between 8 to 10 weeks from receipt of ashes.

If you do have an urgent order why not consider a gift voucher instead – Gift Voucher

Memorial Jewellery

When you lose someone it can be very helpful to have something tactile that you can wear so that you can remain in contact with them.

Memorial jewellery offers you a very discreet way of keeping a small amount of your loved one with you for as long as you need to.

If you want to let people know that the jewellery holds a small amount of your loved one’s ashes then you can, otherwise you can be safe in the knowledge that only you know that it’s there.

For our complete range of memorial jewellery look here – Ashes Jewellery


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