Geos Tree Urn

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Geos Tree Urn

A Geos Tree Urn is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one, the urn is designed to hold the ashes of your loved and a small tree. Due to its composition, when being buried, the nutrients that go into making these hand-crafted earth-made urns combine with those of the cremation ashes to give life to a beautiful tree.

These urns are made from a hardened organic material and mineral soil bound with natural plant extracts that break down and form part of the soil over time.

All urns are handmade using only mineral and vegetable ingredients. Raw material is 100% animal origin free.

The ashes are contained inside the biobag. So you just need to dig a little hole, place the urn in it, remove the lid, put some soil over the bag and over the little tree – see the picture diagram, the tree only becomes exposed to the ashes after it has established itself.

Please note tree not included, we would be happy to provide a seed of either Oak, Maple, Beech or Ginkgo, please just let us know. 

This urns have spherical shape.

Height: 22 cm. Lid diameter: 10 cm.
Approximate weight: 2.500 grs.
Approximate capacity : 3.277 c.c. (200 c.i.)

Outer: corrugated cardboard box with an impact-proof cardboard structure.
Inner: Recycling plastic moisture-proof bag.

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