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xining subsides scattering ashes

Xining in China’s Qinghai province is to subsidise scattering ashes

Xining in the Northwest part of China’s Qinghai province is going to subside those who choose to scatter ashes.

The authorities are concerned about land usage and so are trying to encourage more cremation and scattering of ashes. As of the first of June this year the authorities will subsidies those people who opt for cremation and then either scatter ashes in approved public cemeteries or bury ashes in biodegradable urns, the subsidy is worth 3,000 chinese yuan (about £350) – so not insubstantial.

Chinese tradition is that the dead need to be buried in urns beside their ancestors, but this is putting a strain on land use, so authorities are hoping the money will go towards changing hearts and minds. Other government backed options such as sea burials are in use in coastal regions.

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