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What happened to the ashes of antenatal or neonatal deaths in Scotland

Following the Mortonhall baby scandal, The Herald Scotland looked into the practice of authorities, the results have been set out below, along with a link to the original article.
Accurate at the time of publishing (Mar 2013)

Authority / Crematoria Comment and or policy

Glasgow City Council / “It was often not possible to collect ashes.”

South Ayrshire Council / “We ensure ashes from cremations are carefully recovered and make sure parental wishes are respected.”

Argyll and Bute Council / “The matter would always be discussed sensitively. If an infant is cremated, there are often no ashes or a very small amount, depending on age and circumstances. “We take steps to ensure that funeral directors are made aware of this at the time of booking, and can explain this sensitively to parents. Families are given the option of taking remains away themselves in a baby urn, or having them scattered in the Garden of Remembrance.”

Fife Council / “Remains would be offered.In line with national guidance, we advise parents on most occasions with a cremation of this nature there won’t be any remains because a skeleton isn’t formed until late in a baby’s development.”

Aberdeen City Council / Our staff will advise parents or guardians that if there are remains we will advise them so they can scatter or bury them as they wish. “We would stress it is unlikely there would be remains in the first place. We are not aware of any occasions where we have scattered or buried remains without liaising with the family.”

Highland Council / Gives families the option of having the ashes returned or scattered by staff.

West Dunbartonshire / Cremates every baby individually, collecting any ashes and, if requested, returns them.

Perth Council / Return ashes

Kinross Council / Return ashes
Falkirk Council – Return ashes

Dignity UK, which operates four crematoriums, in Dundee, Ayrshire, Moray and Holytown / “There may be times when there are no cremated remains but we would always inform the family and the funeral director of this.”

These results were taken from a survey carried out by the Herald Scotland by senior news report Brian Donnelly.

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