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What do you think of Crematoria – Our New Survey

Last year we published a survey on what people thought of Crematoria – you can find a summary of part 1 here.

The survey showed some interesting results and left some unanswered questions.

So we are continuing to delve into this subject to find out what you think, in order to make the whole thing as good an experience as it possibly can be for people in your situation.

The main issues we would like to find out are:

  • a better understanding of what you think of the building as opposed to the setting / grounds,
  • what you thought of the cost of cremation itself,
  • what you think is the most important. For example whether you think it is cost or car parking, or whether it is space or speakers.

We will share a consolidated / anonymous results with the industry so that people in you situation are treated with the utmost understanding and respect. We will also publish the results online.

So please follow the link and share your thoughts – it will only take a few minutes:

What people think of crematoria survey


Thank you!


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