scattering ashes out at sea in a message bottle

The Travellers last journey: Ashes in a bottle

scattering ashes out at sea in a message bottle

From the  Great Barrier Reef to the beaches of the Caribbean, some of us just love to travel. The adventure, the restless spirit, the sites the smells and the people you meet along the way. Well when a loved one passes away and they had a passion for the open road somehow it doesn’t seem fair to put to put them on the shelf or in the garden. Or maybe that your loved one always wanted to travel but couldn’t an injury, disability or maybe family commitments kept them back  – well how about giving them one last journey?

What about this for an idea: Place a token amount of the ashes of a loved one and a message in a bottle, seal it and cast it on to the open sea – let currents and the tides do the rest.

So how do you go about it, here is our suggested plan:

  1. Select a bottle, we would suggest one that is clear so people can see there is a message inside it.
  2. The stopper can be either cork or screw fit, the latter easier and more practical perhaps but lacks a certain charm
  3. Consider your message, do you want the person who finds it to do something specific like emailing you? You may just want a poem or some last words?
  4. Put the ashes into the bottle, either lose or in a container of some sort: if lose, should the bottle break the ashes will be scattered naturally, but it may put someone off opening the bottle if the message is covered in ashes. One idea might be to use a small paper bag as this will separate the two, but will release the ashes if the bottle broken.
  5. You could put the message inside a plastic sleeve or similar to protect it, but we are not so keen – plastic will not break down naturally and again it lacks charm.
  6. Seal the bottle with sealing wax to prevent the salt water from decaying the cork

Right, now you are ready to go, but how do you ensure the chance of long and varied journey?

  1. Starting in a rivers are fine, but the sea is likely to be better.
  2. Use the outgoing tide.
  3. Going on a ferry or cruise – pop it over the side
  4. Ask a fisherman to drop it overboard when they next set sail
  5. Look at the map of ocean currents http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean_current

So good luck and Bon Voyage!

We love this idea and are considering putting a set together, if you are interested drop us a line and we can email you once it is in stock.

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    John McRae - 15th June 2020

    I want to do this, letting my children “know” where I’ve been.
    Email them. Maybe include a picture of the family to make more personal?

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