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Training course

Training Course: Scattering or Interring of Cremated Remains

Training Course: Scattering or Interring of Cremated Remains

Training Course. There is a growing trend for funerals to focus on the ashes element of the ceremony which is a very positive development. However, often those doing the scattering will have received little or no formal training. A small investment in staff training will have two major benefits, it will increase personal development for every trainee, and will provide a better customer service for your families.

Scattering Ashes has teamed up with Civil Ceremonies Ltd , the market leaders in ceremonies in the UK, to offer the first nationwide accredited training course on scattering or interring of ashes.

The course aims to enable cremation staff to create and deliver a personal ceremony for families who are scattering or interring cremated remains.

The course will include:

  • How to interview a bereaved family to obtain the information required to create a ceremony.
  • Creation of an appropriate and bespoke ceremony for mourners that encourages appropriate participation and the use of poetry and verse,
  • How to organise the mourners,
  • How to strew and scatter the ashes in a dignified and culturally appropriate way,
  • How to deliver an ashes ceremony and support mourners.

Participants who successfully complete the one day course will be awarded with a level one course credit value 1 from the issuing body ONE Awards. This is a government approved training scheme which provides access to HE diplomas.

Who should attend?
This course is designed for persons and organisations who are looking to deliver a more professional service around the scattering or interning of ashes, and for organisations interested in staff development.

Size: Small groups up to a maximum of 10 attendees

Duration: full day

Course Location

Devon: The course is delivered here in Devon in a beautiful location on the edge of Dartmoor. We can also provide good value accommodation and excellent locally sourced meals for a small additional sum tailored specifically to your needs and dietary requirements. We can provide meals & accommodation, from a simple lunch to an overnight stay with Bistro dining experience. Please contact us for the full range of options.
Cost: £185pp*

On site: We are very happy to come to your premises and deliver training directly to your staff on site using your specific location and premises. We require a minimum of 6 people per course.
Cost: £185pp*

* cost includes all course materials, certification & handbook.

To discuss or make further enquiries please email or call 01626 798198

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