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scattering ceremony toasting cups

Toasting – a good addition to your ceremony

scattering ceremony toasting cups

We are always on the lookout for different ways to scatter a loved ones ashes, this is one we had not considered before and we like it!

In the same way after a speech – you might toast someone, well with this alternative you share out a number of ‘cups’ for each of the participants, then fill these cups with some ashes. After someone has spoken about that person, holding onto the cup everyone scatters /throws /flings some the contents of the cup in the required direction.

The cups are refilled as required until the end of the speeches or the ashes have run out.

I really like this, it has a splendidly joyous / celebratory twist.

We have thought about the right receptacle and we think that a biodegradable coir cup would be ideal for the following reasons

  • They look nice
  • They have a real practical use afterward, some of the finer ash particle will stay in the cup and you can grow a plant in them afterwards that will have a really lovely connection
  • They are sustainable and biodegradable
  • These ones we have no hole in the bottom

You can use any cup really, but most you would throw away straight afterwards.

Here is our product page Toasting cup, we have been able to keep the cost low when purchased with a standard tube as we don’t need to additional post and packing.

Thanks to Mrs MacAllen, Argyle for emailing this suggestion – very kind.

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