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scattering ashes on football pitches

The Football Association’s guidance on scattering ashes


scattering ashes on football pitches (c)

Humble apologies if you clicked on the title expecting a policy position statement. Sorry to  disappoint but the truth is the Football Association does not have one, at least that is what they told me when I asked.

The very helpful lady at the FA said: ” We have looked into this for you and had a look at the FA handbook and this is not covered. We believe there isn’t FA guidance on this and it would be down to the individual clubs. For grassroots clubs, you might want to contact the relevant local County FA, and for professional clubs you would need to contact the clubs themselves directly.”

The main reason for posting this is because a lot of  clubs (including the one in this specific article) are saying it is the FA that stops them from allowing scattering ceremonies.

It would seem that some clubs are hiding behind a mythical guidance document banning scattering of ashes on football pitches on the grounds of Health and Safety, good old health and safety no wonder it gets such a bad reputation, it is so often used by organisations to hide behind when it something that they don’t wish to do – well ‘fess up I say and if you don’t wish to do it say so!

Might be nice if they gave the real reason or perhaps offered an alternative site for memorialisation, but that could be just me being picky.

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