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Grandma's ashes in a cookie

That takes the Biscuit! Grandma’s ashes in a cookie!

Grandma’s ashes in a cookie

I can just imagine it – ‘Would you like one of my Nan’s cookies they are delicious?’, ‘Ummm yes please’ …. ‘Did I say they were my Gran’s cookies? I got my grammar wrong they are cookies of my gran!’

This is a story that has had huge press, two students in Sacramento California, baked a classic American treat. They served it up to at least nine of their fellow students. The issue is that they sprinkled in an extra ingredient, a small amount of their Grandma’s ashes!

The good news is nobody has suffered any ill effects, in fact the that Live Science website said that ashes are fine to eat . I suppose there could be emotional impact, it is California after all.

Andy Knox (a classmate) told the KCRA: “I didn’t believe her until she pulled out the urn. She told me there’s a special ingredient in the cookie. I was kind of horrified.” [Note: how can you be kind of horrified?]

It is not clear whether this a chargeable offence and it was handed onto the school to dish out punishment. In turn the school said it was a family matter and said those involved were remorseful  – Yeah right! Teenagers feeling remorse after a darkly practical joke that has gone worldwide – unlikely me thinks…

One last thought, I like a biscuit and I have seen plenty of ashes. I am thinking the teenagers must have used either very very little ash or sieved the ashes otherwise they would have been detected by the consumer.

What do you think?

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