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crematoria getting rid of unwanted ashes

The Statutory Duty of English and Welsh Cremation Authorities in relation to the Disposal of Ashes

crematoria getting rid of unwanted ashes

This is a direct lift from the appropriate legislation including instrument number and revoked legislation, it is actually quite clear:

(c) HM Government

The Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008 SI No. 2841

Came into force   1st January 2009


Disposal of ashes

30.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), after a cremation the cremation authority must give the ashes to the applicant or a person nominated for that purpose by the applicant.

(2) If the applicant does not want to be given the ashes and has not nominated any person for that purpose, the cremation authority must retain the ashes.

(3) Subject to any special arrangement for the burial or preservation of ashes, any ashes retained by a cremation authority must be decently interred in a burial ground or in part of a crematorium reserved for the burial of ashes, or scattered there.

(4) In relation to ashes left temporarily in the care of a cremation authority, the authority may not inter or scatter the ashes unless 14 days notice of their intention to do so has been given to the applicant.


Instruments revoked Reference
Regulations, dated 28th
 October 1930, made by the Secretary of
State under section 7 of the Cremation Act 1902 and section 10 of
the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1926
The Cremation Regulations 1952 S.I. 1952/1568
The Cremation Regulations 1965 S.I. 1965/1146
The Cremation Regulations 1979 S.I. 1979/1138
The Cremation (Amendment) Regulations 1985 S.I. 1985/153
The Cremation (Amendment) Regulations 2000 S.I. 2000/58
The Cremation (Amendment) Regulations 2006 S.I. 2006/92

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