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boston scattering ashes

Sports fan deifies ban to scatter on third base

Sports fans can have an extremely strong bond with their club and judging by the amount of requests and queries we get, they can often wish to have their ashes scattered at the hallow turf.

This story from the US is interesting as not only does it concern someone breaking the rules, but their keenness to record and publicise the fact too.

Mr Dave Johnson who passed away last December was dyed in the wool Boston Red Sox fan, his family thought it would be fitting to have his ashes scattered at the home ground – Fenway Park. So they approached the club and the club said no – because of the number of requests “We are touched that people have such a powerful connection with Fenway Park and request this be their final resting place, however the sheer volume made it difficult to continue this practice,” the Red Sox spokesman told WBZ-TV.

However, his daughter Megan was not be deterred and she went and did it any. Not the whole amount, just a token scattering through the netting near third base.

Megan then posted a video on her Twitter page showing the moment her family spread her father’s ashes. “Celebrating my day in the most appropriate way. By scattering his ashes at Fenway Park,” she tweeted.

And one family member replied “You are immortalized at Fenway Park for the rest of your life,”

Megan says her late father, who was a mental health counsellor, was a “rule breaker” and would have loved the Fenway sentiment.

So is this good? Out of order? Stylishly rebellious? Well depends whose view you take, as a one off family statement you may say fair play nicely done. The club are probably thinking – oh my goodness if this starts a trend

Personally I don’t think it wasn’t too bad, it was a token scattering and hopefully won’t give the club to big a headache.

I do find it interesting that rather than do the act in clandestine way and sneaking off, it was loud and proud. This was clearly an act of celebration and as such I find it heart warming.

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