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Bluebell Wood Scatter Tubes

Splitting the ashes – How many Scatter Tubes are needed?

Splitting the ashes – How many Scatter Tubes are needed?

Splitting the ashes? Do you want or need to split the ashes amongst family and/or friends? More and more people want to split ashes, there are a number for reasons for this, here are two of the most common:

  • The person wanted to be scattered in more than one location.
  • The family want to divide them so people can scatter at a place important to them, or can’t the family can’t agree.

Whatever the reason you may want to divide the ashes up among several scatter tubes, but scatter tubes only come in a few different sizes and working out how many and of what size can be tricky

  • Standard = 1 person
  • Small =  ½ a person
  • Mini = ⅟10 of a person

Note: We have calculated that on the average capacity and the amount of ashes vary considerable between a small woman and a big man.

Split BetweenOption 1Option 2
11 Standard
22 Small
32 Small and 1 Minis3 Small
42 Small and 2 Minis4 Small
52 Small and 3 Minis5 Small
61 Small and 5 Minis
71 Small and 6 Minis
81 Small and 7 Minis
91 Small and 8 Minis
1010 Minis

Most but not all our scatter tubes come in multiple sizes, check product pages for details. The Scatterpods only come in one size. Here is our complete range of Scatter Tubes.

5 thoughts on “Splitting the ashes – How many Scatter Tubes are needed?

  1. Reply
    Jessica burgham - 20th July 2022

    Hi my name Jessica
    I’ve been thinking I want to have my mum’s ashes split into two scatter tubes so can be split between me and my brother how do I go about this please thanks again Jessica Burgham

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 21st July 2022

      Hi Jessica
      If splitting equally then to two tubes – size: small matching or non match design. They can be sent directly to you funeral director.

      Kind regards

  2. Reply
    Pauline Lewis - 18th November 2019

    Thank you Martin, we did similar for a great friend, we got a bird, 2 friends got little urns & the rest are in the grave plot with his mum’s ashes, ( we were allowed to collect them as cousin never bothered) & his dad & grandad are in the grave too, so now he is reunited with his parents & grandparents. My only regret is I could not put his brother in the same grave as the cousin would not sort the funeral, even though he would not have had to pay anything, he is in same cemetry though

  3. Reply
    Pauline Lewis - 18th November 2019

    When my husband’s sister passed away earlier this year, 1 sister decided to put the ashes in a plot with her husband, but the children all wanted some of the ashes, so they all brought either jewellery or urns to keep them in. My husband chose a bird keepsake.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 18th November 2019

      That is a lovely idea Pauline

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