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launching cremation ashes into space

Ashes into Space: A British Company at your service!

cremation ashes space uk

Guest Blog by Tom Walkinshaw, Founder/CEO of Alba Orbital

Finding a fitting tribute to passing of a loved can be hard. With over 75% of Brits choosing cremation and estimates that by 2017, 50% of Americans will also choose cremation, there can be no doubt that the dilemma over loved ones ashes final resting place will be a growing one.

The portability of ashes opens the mind and really unshackles the possibilities, which is incredibly liberating to families. Decisions now turn from practical necessities to passions, ambitions and dreams.

Looking skyward Our company looks towards the night sky. Space and it exploration is the high watermark of human civilization. Many people see the moon landings as humanities greatest ever achievement. Millions of people want to travel to space, and usually that dream dies with them. We can help keep that dream alive with a space burial service.

We are taking symbolic portions loved ones of ashes to space. The ashes will be contained in a satellite, circle the earth and then re-enter as a shooting star. Alba will be offering a few packages, initially with 3 different options.

No Debris You may be asking yourself, does this not just create more ‘space junk’? Well the answer is no, it does not. As we are attached to an upper stage rocket for lifetime on orbit, we create no space debris. There are no environmental issues either. Our payload is relatively small and it only takes up a small portion of the rockets cargo bay. As a secondary payload we share the flight with much bigger satellites.

Modern affordable alternative We have yet to announce our pricing, but we expect it affordable for the average consumer and be in the region of £2k to £5k depending on which package is chosen. The average funeral in the UK is close to £3.5k and rising year on year.

Alba Orbital are in our development phase and are taking notes of interest online, email or by phone (details at end of blog). We are the first company in our industry based in Europe and will be building Scotland’s first ever commercial satellite, a fact we are really proud of.

Features of an Orbit Space Burial/Memorial service:

  • Memorial Service – for families to remember their loved one pre-launch,

  • Launch – family can watch rocket launch in person or can watch a stream from anywhere on the globe,

  • On Orbit – satellite containing ashes circle the earth every 90 minutes at about 12 times the top speed of concord,

  • Track flight – follow the journey online and see passes overhead,

  • Reentry: satellite creates a glowing Shooting Star,


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