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Some Dutch Authorities are ripping people off for scattering ashes

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Firstly in the Netherlands you can’t just scatter ashes anywhere, they need to be scattered in a designated place, the trouble is that there appears to be huge disparity in the amount being charged for the privilege.

This was reported in the Dutch News, which emanated from the consumer show Kassa (translated quite simply as Cash)

The most expensive of the Netherlands’s 400 plus local councils is Hardinxveld-Giessendam where the council charges €1,079.75 to scatter ashes. Nijkerk, Papendrecht and Sluis also charge above €700.

Some councils, like IJsselstein and Bodegraven do not charge at all, well done them. The average cost is around €150. This is a classic case where unnecessary and poor regulation has led to monopolies, this in turn has led to unfairness and exploitation of the vulnerable.

What I also liked about the article was the comments that followed, I am a fan of Holland and the Dutch people and culture so would it sound dreadful to say I thought some comments were splendidly Dutch?

I shall be telling my children to break the law and scatter me wherever they want, as a final nose-thumb to the rip-off Dutch authorities.

Agh! Imagine getting caught illegally scattering a loved one’s ashes, OMG, how embarrassing!

I won’t even contemplate how heavy the ‘money-grabbing’ fine would be, probably insanely more than a person’s dog fouling a footpath, disgusting!
Please scatter my ashes on an illegal marijuana plantation, cheers 😉

Who follows this law? Your ashes are handed to the next of kin and that person is free to scatter where they wish, right? I mean how would people even know?

I believe the fine for emptying your car ashtray in a public place is €90

Don’t say this too loud. There will likely be a new government department soon where you once a year (at a fee of course) must prove that you still have the ashes.

This doesn’t surprise me at all 😀 Oh, Netherlands…

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